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World the first solar taxi enters Kunming 2010/5/29

The very small car trails the huge" tail" in breadth in a breadth behind, do not encourage, do not line up the spirit ground ran 25,000 kilometers.A by name" solar taxi( Solar Taxi)", round-the-world car in the first solar energy in world that develop landed China recently from Switzerland, its head stood to arrive Kunming.Yesterday( April 20), once this proud solar energy car appear, this proud solar energy car caused medium with civic pay attention to biggest.

  According to the understanding, this car will launch the trip of the 39- days environmental protection in China, visitting for arrestment with decelerate in the along the road the world change the  but the diligent government organ, environmental protection organizes, company with develop personnel's etc., protect with the expansion the Earth keep world from changing the principle of the luang .At the same time, face people demonstration Switzerland makes use of in the new energy with outstanding result, creative solution and forward-looking quests of the environmental protection with practice.

  Switzerland halts the Chinese turns three zhangcuis visit the Sir, municipal leads king the xiao light attends the welcome mat that round-the-world trip in " solar taxi" Kunming stands to announce the meeting with the news.

  Striding over five greatest continents do not want a drop of oil

  This" solar taxi" is in the world a pileup for regarding solar energy as motive proceeding around the world traveling.It 3 days set out from the Switzerland liushen( the lufills the boon) in 2007 July, anticipating will last 18 months, striding over five big continents more than 50 nations, but China exactly this itinerary the 25 stands.

  Because having the concept that carry the person with nameding after this car to" solar taxi".It of sponsor with driver Louis shipaer horse the Sir says," solar taxi"50% motive come from the Q- Cells company offering efficiently the solar cell slice hangs the car, another 50% motive is generated electricity by Swiss solar energy to stand complement.In the sun, the vehicle depends on the solar cell continues to drive 400 kilometers of, under the situation of having no sunlight, the vehicle can keep on driving 300 kilometers of, the soon biggest hour in hour can attain 90 kilometers/ hour.Because the " solar taxi" do not produce carbon dioxide etc. tail spirit, therefore 100% to weather harmless.

  Building price USDs 9000 sees the very public transportation

  Louis shipaer horse the Sir holds the newly married ceremony in announce would ascend said, from" make a tour of the world" beginning up to now, him already took 400 with him similar environmental protection initiate, had of at car, specialized driver's police car that have is its open a way the …… provides for his trip many convenient, make his this trip dided not situation too many difficulties with jiang H." I am very honored and can visit China in the Olympics night before last, hoping to be in China can initiate with more environmental protections exchanges, study future." the Louis shi introduces, that car also have the parts from the professor, students in many company's house, universities 1:1 drop constitutes of, although build price USDs 9000 or so, believe in from now on of expansion, its build the price would be more and more low.

  At the same time, the Louis shi also hope and can look for and can burn the car of the gasoline to reform now automotive expert in solar energy, for keep world weather from changing the ruang provide the more viable project.When can let solar energy is in the public transportation realm universality?Louis shi very contain confidence," as long as the original material in knothole in solar energy cost descends, so, the public transportation in solar energy also can realize very quickly."

  King xiao light first Kunming passenger

  King the xiao light says, as early as 25 year ago Kunming with Su li a life time knot is developments engineering that concept that very friendly city, each other exchanges environmental protection economy energy and method, throw in the " solar energy it all" more progressively this year, the hope create Kunming national environmental protection model city.The hope borrows the solar energy car to scribe in Kunming the location cruises to swim, informing free from pollution and dynamical advantage to more people.

  Announced in the afternoon yesterday would after ending, king the light became the " solar taxi" at Chinese traveled first to embark the guest.Later on, the " solar taxi" returns to open in a life time bo park and city centers the exhibition cruises to swim, direction Kunming citizenry demonstration Switzerland solar energy car.Today, the " solar taxi" will go to the Normal University of Yunnan, Kunming science and engineering university etc., with student contact making further and sharing.

  On April 22, the " solar taxi" will leave Kunming, cruising to visit Guangxi, Guangdong, river's west, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai continuously, arriving Peking finally, for 39 days in period, anticipating will drive 6419 kilometers.

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