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Solar Storytime, Volume II 2010/5/29

            It's that time again where CalFinder busts out a few tales of solar and sustainable heroics while you get comfortable. We've rounded up our favorite stories in the world of going green and laid them out just in time for the long weekend! Grab a loved one and let the sunshine in. Minnesota Wants Clean, Local Energy An attempt at overturning a law that prevents new dirty energy plants (and I include nuclear in that category) fell short in Minnesota this week. A great step for Minnesotans and Americans alike, as more and more states turn to clean energy as the answer for keeping the grid lit. Ecolocalizer has the full tale of Minnesota rejecting dirty coal policy . A Lesson in Government Energy Plans From UK? As the US federal government continues to struggle to find the answer to our energy problems and dependence on foreign sources, British government offered their own solution. A program that sounds similar to Berkely's own PACE program , it allows loans and incentives spanning from installing solar panels to updating energy efficiency in the home. SUNfiltered's Jeff McIntire-Strasburg explains more about the British energy plan . Over 200,ooo Jobs from American Power Act A new re..

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