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Quanzhou Jintion Electronics Co.,ltd is maily engaged in developing the new high-technology product , to ensure in the front of market . We are mainly research middle and high class Nickel Hydrogen battery ,Nickel Cadmium battery ,and Solar products , including different size and shape battery , solar mobile phone charger , solar power generator etc .  The company had applied to Quanzhou Technology Bureau and got approval to set up the high capacity  Nickel Hydrogen battery technology research center and build a complete set of solar R&D department . It boasts 46 engineers and technicians with rich practical experience and theory knowledges , among whom more than 96% are bove college degree .

In order to make front and advanced of technology , The company combines manufacture , study and research together ,they enhance the cooperation with the technology Institute of Xiamen University ,Huaqiao University etc and share resources each other . While strengthening self R&D capacity , the company also strengthen on meet with international .It processes according to International standard strictly and have passed systematic approvals like ISO9001,ISO14001 ,OHSAS18000 etc  .The relevant product manufacuture according to CE and ROHS requirement .It also pay attention to protect of intellectual property rights ,and more then 10 series products have gained patents .
The enterprise will emphasize on taking energy saving ,efficiency, and striving for substantiality and innovation as orientation and purpose of future work and development


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